Primera Label - LX 800/810 & LX 900 Printers: 4 in. x 2 in. High Gloss

Product ID: BL-PR-74805
Face Stock: White Tough Coat
Adhesive: General Purpose
Perforations: None
Minimum Order: 1 Roll
Printer Brand: Primera
Printer Type: LX 800/810 and LX900

Please note: Label media is not interchangeable between LX400 and LX810/LX900 Color Label Printers. The LX810 and LX900 have 6" (152mm) maximum diameter on a 3" (76mm) core. The LX400 has 5" (127mm) maximum diameter on a 2" (50.8mm) core. The standard corner radius is .125".

  • Available in High Gloss or Semi Gloss or Matte Inkjet
  • 4" wide by 2" long
  • 1250 labels