The Benefits of Printing Product Labels In-house

If you are on the fence about whether it makes good financial sense to print product labels in-house, there are benefits to consider about custom printing labels with an inkjet roll printer such as Primera or Afinia.

You have the control. When printing labels on your own equipment, you control the quality, printing schedule, and creativity. Need a little more time to develop a better-looking label? That’s not a problem when you control the schedule. You can print on demand every label for every job, even on a whim and on a daily basis. You also can design a blend of custom outsourced label printing and in-house label printing as needed for particular jobs or products when it makes the most financial sense for your company.

You save money on consumables. You can order consumables – ink and blank labels – as needed, paying only for what you actually use. No outside print house equals no markups and no payment for mistakes that are not directly yours. In addition, you control the amount of ink used through product label design. Bright, full coverage labels use a lot of ink, while smaller labels and simplified designs use less ink. Besides consumables, you save money by minimizing unexpected fees, such as those for overtime and reprints.

You increase the company’s knowledge base. By handling printing in a hands-on manner, you and your employees learn by default how to best utilize the printer, label applicator if you have one, and how best to design for optimal branding and cost efficiency.

Having a vendor who is part of your success plan is vital. At Blanco, we provide free advice and label samples for testing to our inkjet roll printer customers via a toll-free phone number. Once the knowledge is gained within your business, it cannot be taken away and serves to help you optimize the label printing process over time.