Inspiring Ideas For Label Designs

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you do. An attractive label may be the only advertising and branding your prospects and customers might see.

Craft beer drinkers are loyal to their favorites but are always willing to expand their favorites list. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, it is still the first thing that makes you have a look at it to see if you are interested. And the same is true of your beer label if the label on your beer is one that is so attractive a shopper can’t help but notice, you’ll increase the chance that a curious customer will try your beer.

Draw Inspiration from Other Brands

When you design your beer label, you want it to authentically represent your brand, the beer’s style, and be attractive to your target market. That’s just good marketing sense. Even with those guidelines, you may still be stumped for a design. Here’s a little advice if your creative juices still aren’t flowing—do a little retail shopping and research the labels of top craft beer sellers.

Here are a few styles that are popular right now:

Clean and Minimal – A minimalist beer label can stand out on the shelf when compared to art-heavy, complex labels. A minimalist label has a large amount of white space, with one or two colors with an attractive typology and illustration. The Die Burke sour has a clean label with a humorous graphic element and plenty of white space. It will stand out on any shelf.

Artistic – Beer brewing is one part science and one part art. An artistic label using color and “painting techniques ” creates a sophisticated packaging. If you embrace the artistic side of brewing, a label style with artistic styling may appeal to an audience more appreciative of your brewing arts. The label on the Hopsynth sour ale is what we have in mind.

Old is New Again – Vintage and industrial style designs are currently popular design trends for homes, workspaces, restaurants, and beer labels. Simple, throwback looks add an attractive blue-collar yet contemporary classic look to labels and could very well represent your brewing workspace and equipment. 450 North’s Scarecrow IPA label has a vintage industrial look. Creating a beer label that resonates with customers and your brand is a necessity to selling your product and gathering a loyal following. When you’re ready to label your brew, we’re here to help. If you need ideas and help. Give us a call 888-325-2626