It’s the last thing you put on and it’s first thing they notice

By Ken Gasque

With fashion, it is a hat. Women with elegant hats receive 7 times as many compliments on their appearance as women without hats. And men with dress hats receive 9 times as many compliments as their hatless friends (this could be because men do not usually receive as many compliments as women with a hat or without).

So, what does this have to do with a good label? It is the same principle. A well-designed label with a clear message (sometimes a not so clear message will do even better, something to discuss with your designer) attracts attention and captures a space in the consumer’s mind. That is what you are after, you want to own space in your consumer’s mind. You won’t do that with unimaginative design poor presentation.

Nobody does unimaginative design and poor presentations on purpose. They do design they this is cool, clever and everyone will love. They forget to do one thing. Have someone who has no dog in this fight to do an evaluation. Find a neutral person or firm with design and marketing experience to give you their opinion of your design and presentation. And if you don’t like it, do what you intended to do.

Second, use pressure sensitive labels.

Pressure-sensitive labels for craft breweries help you tell it best. Compared to glue-applied labels, pressure-sensitive label material offers the capability to intricate die cuts, brilliant graphics, and virtually invisible edge lines. These are important features if you want your product to stand out on the shelf. Customized beer bottle labels differentiate your beer, so it gets noticed and gets chosen.

About Ken Gasque
Ken Gasque is a brand image-maker, marketing planner and designer. Ken works with small companies and Fortune 500 companies who recognize the need to differentiate their products and services to stand out in a cluttered market. Ken is a highly visual, outside-the-box thinker on advertising, branding and marketing–his work reflects his belief that “We buy with our eyes.” Ken writes and lectures on brands, design, images and brand development. We build brands using knowledge, experience and magic!