Do you need Brand-Aid?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘What gets measured gets done’? I think it’s true because it focuses attention on the thing that is most important. Business consultant and writer Tom Peters agreed this was the soundest management advice he has ever heard. That’s a pretty strong endorsement.

But my favorite brand development quote from Tom Peters is ‘distinct… or extinct.’ Very succinct and elegant. If you are not different you will not survive.

Below are some other things you should check and measure to see if you need Brand-aid.

  1. Gradual loss of market share could be a leading indicator.
    Interviews show your consumer believes you and your competitor are the same.
  2. Do you really believe you can compete with the big guys?
  3. Do you believe in advertising? Outrageous advertising—special events, mascots, ridiculous co-ops—your beer and the Air National Guard, Free
  4. Beer for everyone when the home team scores 10 or more runs in a game, etc.
  5. Are you doing the same things that your competitors are doing?

We buy with our eyes. First impressions are made in 1/10th of a second… lasting impressions are made with quality and service. The easiest way to rebrand is to create a new and different but appealing label.

Every week Blanco Labels meets its commitments of millions of labels to manufacturers depending on them. At Blanco Labels we believe service is as important as quality.

We select our customers so that we can be a perfect fit. We are small enough for their business to matter and large enough to make sure their job gets done.

“Blanco does what they say they will do. Blanco delivers.” Joe and Wendy Hallock, Co-Owners and Founders, Chaos Mountain Brewing.

If your beer needs more attention, give us a call. We can help.