Specialty Foods Retailer Prints Own Product Labels

Holistic health coach and entrepreneur Candice Berthold of The Olive And The Grape first began printing on a Primera inkjet roll label printer 12 years ago when she decided to bring label production inhouse. Today, she is still using her Primera LX800 and Primera LX810 printers, but her label suppliers have changed over the years to better suit her growing company’s needs.

As a specialty foods company providing products for a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, Berthold prints a wide variety of product and ingredient labels for 487 products in eight different label sizes, including labels for olive and grapeseed oils, infused vinegars, and seasonings. The Olive And The Grape sells products through its retail store, online, and through wholesalers. In addition, it prints customized labels for personalized food products provided as favors for bridal showers and corporate gifts. This printing variety fueled the necessity for printing The Olive And The Grape’s labels in-house, as outsourcing fees for short runs and frequent label size changes are cost prohibitive.

“Sometimes my ingredients change, which necessitates a new label. For example, if sourcing for a custom seasoning blend containing oregano changes from Turkish oregano to Greek oregano, I need to be able to quickly change the ingredients label,” Berthold says. With an outsourced printer, Berthold would be forced to waste hundreds of labels when such a change happens.

When she first began printing in-house, Berthold used Primera labels but soon found them an expensive option. She moved to a third-party Southeastern label retailer who did not require minimum orders, but later she had to look elsewhere when the vendor stopped selling the label sizes she needed. Within the last five years, she began purchasing inkjet roll labels from Blanco that fit perfectly into her existing Primera printers. Also, Blanco recently provided a heads-up to Berthold that Primera is discontinuing manufacturing printing cartridges for the 800 series Primera printers she owns. With Blanco’s guidance, she plans to upgrade to Primera’s 900 series this year.

“I appreciate doing business with Blanco, who provides authentic descriptions of every product I order,” she says. “Everything arrives exactly as expected, and I have never received wrong products. The best part is that whenever I call Blanco’s service line, I am always treated as though they are having a great day. I have worked with countless vendors and most of them are not as easy to work with. Blanco is the only label company with which I have not had a problem. Like most entrepreneurs, I don’t need little surprises.”