The most powerful tool for creating magic is a pencil.

By Ken Gasque

1. The magic is in the thinking the pencil generates. Art teachers teach ‘thinking happens when you put pencil to paper.’ It’s true. It’s the simplest tool available to you, it allows you to concentrate on the opportunity and not the technology. Writing it down makes it happen. It’s magic.

2. And you get more solutions faster. Designers are taught there is more than one solution to every problem. Keep writing, sketching and doodling until there are a number of plausible solutions…the first idea is hardly ever the right idea.

3. Brainstorming doesn’t work, brainsketching and brainwriting does. Group discussion of ideas isn’t the prob-lem. The problem is with everyone talking. And one or two people who want to dominate. The solution is brain-sketching and brainwriting. Have group members put their idea in sketch or written form on Post-It Notes without authorship. Then let the discussion begin. It takes less time and you get better ideas.

4. It’s a plan, a map, a guide. If you are going to write a story you know you need an outline to start. A sketch does the same–sometimes called brain mapping. It helps to clarify your thinking; it makes sure you have included all of the elements and makes completing the project easier and more gratifying.

5. Sketches are just that—sketches. Sketches are anything visual, stick figures, even cutouts from magazines and newspapers work. Cut and paste. Anything that helps you visualize your idea works.

The magic of pencils.
“Sketchbooks are not about being a good artist, they’re about being a good thinker.” Jason Maria“Great designers have one thing in common: their design process is centered on ideas; ideas that are more often than not developed on paper.” Jean Moroney“Our hands offer a unique pathway to our brains. Using a pencil or pen to write appears to allow the brain to trigger different storage mechanisms. Ideas emerge…it’s magic.” Kristen Bigness

Labels tell your story.
It may be the only advertising your prospect sees. Pressure-Sensitive labels help you tell it best. Compared to glue-applied labels, pressure-sensitive label material offers greater possibilities with fewer restrictions on size and shapes. No other material offers the capability of intricate die cuts, brilliant graphics, and virtually invisible edge lines. These are important features if you want your product to stand out on the shelf. They differentiate your beer, so it gets noticed and gets chosen. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product that “catches their eye” on the store shelf. This factor beats promo-tions, coupons, product recommendation and advertising. It works because “we buy with our eyes.”

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