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Label Dispenser: LD-100-U

Product ID: BL-LD-100-U

Quick Overview

This durable powder-coated Universal Label dispenser is designed to dispense all label types. From transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque labels. A new patented-technology Visible-Light LED Label Sensor makes adjustment easy with any type of label. The dispenser peels your label from its backing and presents it ready to pick-up. As you pick-up a label from the dispenser, the next label is immediately and automatically advanced. A High-Low speed switch and an adjustable ruggedized sensor are standard features.



  • Label Length: 1/4" or more
  • Core ID: 1.5" or larger
  • Roll OD: 8.6" max
  • Label Width: 1/2" to 4-1/2"
This model is suitable for transparent or opaque labels. Factory Installed Label counter option available. See related links for item LDC-1. Must be ordered at the same time of the dispenser.

Save $53 off Manufacturer's Suggested Retail of $795.00