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It’s time to be creative!

By Ken Gasque It has been during the toughest times that humans have been the most creative. Out of the dark ages came the renaissance. “The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest. Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of our toughest times have been disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. We had the event and … Continue reading “It’s time to be creative!”


Tell me a story so I know your differentiation

By Ken Gasque If you want your advertising to work, tell a story about your differentiation. Your audience will get the message and remember it. What does a story do? It creates a movie for your mind’s eye. A good story will be played and replayed in the mind for days, weeks and months to … Continue reading “Tell me a story so I know your differentiation”


It’s not easy being seen, so you have to listen

By Ken Gasque There are five stumbling blocks that can get you labeled but not branded. If you are not careful and aware of what is happening, your customers will define who you are and label your product or service. Brand developers constantly monitor social media and talk to customers because they know listening gives … Continue reading “It’s not easy being seen, so you have to listen”