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Be First, Best or Different

By Ken Gasque Loretta Lynn said, “You either have to be first, best or different.” Being first with a good idea is really difficult and may not happen to you but once in your lifetime, if it happens then. Apple’s iPhone, Coca-Cola, WD-40, Dixie Cups, Post-it Notes, Duct Tape, and Google are just a few … Continue reading “Be First, Best or Different”


Good enough isn’t, or is it?

By Ken Gasque The phrase “Good enough isn’t” was coined by Los Angles advertising agency Chiat/Day and emblazoned on employee tee shirts. Chiat/Day was trying to keep up with its innovative account Apple Computer and Steve Jobs perfectionist philosophy…which is unattainable. Walter Isaacson is Steve Jobs biographer. In his book, Steve Jobs, he gives an … Continue reading “Good enough isn’t, or is it?”


The most powerful tool for creating magic is a pencil.

By Ken Gasque 1. The magic is in the thinking the pencil generates. Art teachers teach ‘thinking happens when you put pencil to paper.’ It’s true. It’s the simplest tool available to you, it allows you to concentrate on the opportunity and not the technology. Writing it down makes it happen. It’s magic. 2. And … Continue reading “The most powerful tool for creating magic is a pencil.”