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“…Better quality and cost less.”
By Ken Gasque “Our Story” as presented on their web site—“The story of Parkway Brewing Company is a love story, a story that embodies the American Dream, a story of do-it-yourself determination, a story that continues on an exciting journey- much like the scenic highway for which Parkway Brewing is named. Two couples with a … Continue reading ...
Do you need Brand-Aid?
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘What gets measured gets done’? I think it’s true because it focuses attention on the thing that is most important. Business consultant and writer Tom Peters agreed this was the soundest management advice he has ever heard. That’s a pretty strong endorsement. But my favorite brand development quote from … Continue reading ...
How to create a brand with a product that is not distinguished by taste, smell, touch, or appearance?
Insight and Marketing Positioning When you hear the name Mercedes Benz what do you think? High end luxury not to be confused with Kia. Mercedes’ brand statement is “The best or nothing.” What do you want your position to be? Positioning and pricing are the two most important marketing decision you will make in developing … Continue reading ...