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But will it sell more beer?
By Ken Gasque Have you seen the ABC program Shark Tank? Quite often the ‘Sharks’ have to point out to the entrepreneur that they have lost focus and they need to get back on track. It reminds me of a story about selling cheese. It started in 1941 with Admiral Nimitz in the South Pacific. … Continue reading ...
Don’t underestimate the power of a sticker
By Ken Gasque “The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest.” – Frank Lloyd Wright. I think this applies equally to marketing and advertising. Any fool can take a budget of $2,000,000 and create a great campaign…well maybe not, because I see some very stupid and annoying advertising being produced by some very … Continue reading ...
“…Better quality and cost less.”
By Ken Gasque “Our Story” as presented on their web site—“The story of Parkway Brewing Company is a love story, a story that embodies the American Dream, a story of do-it-yourself determination, a story that continues on an exciting journey- much like the scenic highway for which Parkway Brewing is named. Two couples with a … Continue reading ...