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It’s the last thing you put on and it’s first thing they notice

By Ken Gasque With fashion, it is a hat. Women with elegant hats receive 7 times as many compliments on their appearance as women without hats. And men with dress hats receive 9 times as many compliments as their hatless friends (this could be because men do not usually receive as many compliments as women … Continue reading “It’s the last thing you put on and it’s first thing they notice”


Now is the time to promote.

By Ken Gasque Why now? Because the market is in turmoil, new opportunities are opening, change is coming, and change favors the bold.But first…You need to ask yourself a few questions. You need to understand what makes you different in the mind of the consumer. Ask yourself “what is it that we do better than … Continue reading “Now is the time to promote.”


It’s time to be creative!

By Ken Gasque It has been during the toughest times that humans have been the most creative. Out of the dark ages came the renaissance. “The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest. Frank Lloyd Wright. Some of our toughest times have been disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes. We had the event and … Continue reading “It’s time to be creative!”