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Three rules for your marketing and your life

By Ken Gasque There are lots of rules for success in marketing and living but I have found that the more rules you have, the harder it is to remember and act on them. I will do follow-up columns on the other rules you should be aware of and ways to measure. “If it doesn’t … Continue reading “Three rules for your marketing and your life”


It’s the last thing you put on and it’s first thing they notice

By Ken Gasque With fashion, it is a hat. Women with elegant hats receive 7 times as many compliments on their appearance as women without hats. And men with dress hats receive 9 times as many compliments as their hatless friends (this could be because men do not usually receive as many compliments as women … Continue reading “It’s the last thing you put on and it’s first thing they notice”


Now is the time to promote.

By Ken Gasque Why now? Because the market is in turmoil, new opportunities are opening, change is coming, and change favors the bold.But first…You need to ask yourself a few questions. You need to understand what makes you different in the mind of the consumer. Ask yourself “what is it that we do better than … Continue reading “Now is the time to promote.”