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The most powerful tool for creating magic is a pencil.

By Ken Gasque 1. The magic is in the thinking the pencil generates. Art teachers teach ‘thinking happens when you put pencil to paper.’ It’s true. It’s the simplest tool available to you, it allows you to concentrate on the opportunity and not the technology. Writing it down makes it happen. It’s magic. 2. And … Continue reading “The most powerful tool for creating magic is a pencil.”


Take a lesson from Starbucks

By Ken Gasque Is selling beer and coffee all that different? I don’t think so. Since Starbucks is the largest retail coffee seller in the country maybe it would be a good idea to take a look at what they are doing and how they are doing it. Branding Know your customer! – Take the time … Continue reading “Take a lesson from Starbucks”


But will it sell more beer?

By Ken Gasque Have you seen the ABC program Shark Tank? Quite often the ‘Sharks’ have to point out to the entrepreneur that they have lost focus and they need to get back on track. It reminds me of a story about selling cheese. It started in 1941 with Admiral Nimitz in the South Pacific. … Continue reading “But will it sell more beer?”