Ink Cartridges for Primera

Primera has a large line of high-quality inkjet printers designed for premier quality label printing. To ensure that you get the best possible printing result, Blanco Labels offers a great variety of Primera ink cartridges for several models by this top manufacturer. Here, you’ll find ink for Primera LX400, LX500, LX800, LX810, LX900, LX910  and LX2000 label printers as well as black ink cartridges for the Primera LX800, LX810 and LX900 label printers.

We also carry pigment ink cartridges for the LX500 and LX2000 printers, as well as the LX900 and LX910 printers, which also can use dye-based inks. Make sure that you carefully read your printer’s instructions, as mixing pigment ink and dye ink can cause poor ink quality, reduced water- and scratch-resistance and damage to the printer. You should always use LX900 pigment inks with the LX900 Pigment Printhead. Blanco’s team is happy to assist you with finding the appropriate Primera printer cartridges & supplies if you aren’t sure which to choose.