Waterproof Direct Thermal Labels

Looking for a label that can endure exposure to moisture? Waterproof printer labels from Blanco are an excellent option. These waterproof direct thermal printer labels are equipped with an acrylic adhesive and a 4.1-mil white polypropylene film that allows them to work in particularly demanding and moist environments, including food service applications. BLANCO carries many different sizes for your unique waterproof label printing needs, and these labels can withstand moisture rich environments.

These waterproof adhesive labels are ideal in areas that may be wet or humid, and are designed to withstand damage such as smudging or bleeding when wet. They feature convenient perforations between each waterproof thermal label so that you can easily tear them apart and apply as needed. We recommend our waterproof direct thermal labels in poultry, seafood, horticulture and other industries with a particularly harsh and moist work environment. They can be used for shipping and mailing labels, as well as barcodes.

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