Zebra® Compatible Direct Thermal Labels

Blanco is happy to offer a wide variety of Zebra® compatible direct thermal barcode labels for Zebra® printers. Zebra®  is a leading manufacturer of marking and printing technologies, including cutting-edge barcode printers used in virtually every industry–from government to hospitality. Blanco’s direct thermal labels are specifically designed to suit Zebra® barcode printers.

Zebra® compatible barcode labels from Blanco come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your particular needs. We have general-purpose, cold temperature and waterproof direct thermal labels compatible with Zebra® printers. We recommend general-purpose labels for dry, mild temperatures, cold temperature for cold storage and refrigeration, and waterproof labels for moist environments. Blanco has everything you need to employ and maintain your Zebra® printer as well, including Zebra® Printheads.

Compatibility: General-purpose direct thermal labels are comparable to the Zebra® Z-Perform 1000D; Cold temperature direct thermal labels are comparable to the Zebra® Z-Perform 2000D and the Zebra® Z-Select 4000D.

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