Inkjet Roll Labels

BLANCO manufactures inkjet roll labels for use in most inkjet roll printers, including Primera and Afinia. Our printable white labels are available in high-gloss and matte finish for use in Primera® LX200, LX400, LX500, LX800/810, LX900 and LX2000 printers and Afinia® L801 and L301 printer models. We now offer our High Gloss and Matte labels with an 8" OD and continuous rolls in 4", 6" and 8.5". These new continuous 8" OD roll options allow you to be flexible when designing whatever label size you need and using the tear strip or auto-cutter. We offer BOPP high gloss inkjet labels with a 3” core, a 6” OD which work best when paired with pigment inks. Our matte and glossy labels will work in all inkjet printers, including Epson's ColorWorks C7500. Be sure to order these glossy inkjet and matte labels with the correct core size and overall diameter for your specific printer. Labels are furnished with a 2" inner core and 5" overall diameter, as well as a 3" inner core and 6" overall diameter  or 3" inner core and 8" overall diameter. Additional overall diameter rolls are available as a custom order. Contact us at 888-325-2626 to discuss your requirements.

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