Cold Temperature Direct Thermal Labels

Not all labels are appropriate for all environments and jobs. At Blanco, we have a large assortment of direct thermal labels that are ideal for use in cold temperature applications. Designed with an emulsion acrylic-type adhesive, these cold temperature sensitive labels can endure in environments ranging down to -65 degrees Fahrenheit.  They deliver great room temperature performance and excellent cold temperature performance. Please note: These labels must be applied before frozen but work well when stored in the freezer.

Direct thermal cold temperature labels are preferred for freezers and refrigerators, and in applications such as storage, shipping and warehousing because they offer great adhesion to corrugated cardboard and other cold temperature storage containers. Our cold temperature sensitive labels are finished with a low ion coating to protect the thermal layer and maximize printhead life. They’re also resistant to blood, fats, alcohols, oils and other potentially damaging agents. The material is top coated and should be ok with general exposure. Blanco offers a variety of sizes in cold temperature labels so you can find one that’s right for your specific job. If your products face harsh conditions and cold temperature conditions, Blanco Labels offers durable temperature sensitive sticker labels that are up for the challenge. Direct thermal cold temperature labels are NOT recommended for outdoor applications.

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