Thermal Transfer Ribbons

When it comes to thermal transfer printing, having a quality and reliable printer ribbon is an important component. In contrast to direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing employs a heated ribbon to produce durable, longer-lasting text on each label. This ensures a more sustainable result and excellent resolution; hence their use in inventory control, shipping, and other applications. In addition to your thermal transfer ribbons, periodic maintenance and replacement of your printing supplies is best practice for maintaining quality printing.

BLANCO has an extensive selection of wax and resin thermal transfer ribbons for all thermal transfer printers, including Zebra®, Sato®, Datamax®, Intermec®, Monarch®, Printronix®, and CAB® printers. Our thermal transfer ribbons are available for a variety of label printers and applications. Understanding which thermal transfer ribbon is best for you comes down to the job at hand. See our Spec sheet for more information.

General Purpose Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons (Full Wax): Suitable for printing on semi gloss, full wax thermal ribbons are the lowest cost choice among the range of thermal transfer printer ribbon styles. While the soft wax is more vulnerable to damage like smudges and scratches, they are a common choice for shorter term, general use applications.

Durable Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Can be used for printing on synthetic label material, Durable Resin Ribbons are the preferred choice for more demanding environments, whether indoor or outdoor, where resistance to damage from scratching and smudging is required. From asset tracking to automotive applications, Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons are reliable, durable, and low maintenance.

Premium Resin Enhanced Wax (Wax/Resin Mix): Suitable for both semi gloss and synthetic label material (despite increased smearing on synthetic labels), this enhanced Wax/Resin thermal transfer ribbon mix provides protection from smearing and smudging for paper labels, but is not suited for outdoor use. Warehouse applications are a common use for the Wax/Ribbon mix.

If you aren’t sure which thermal transfer printer ribbon is best for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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