Streamline Product Labeling Before the Holiday Scramble

Sales may have been rolling in at a steady clip during the year, but the holidays can throw entrepreneurs into disarray if careful planning doesn’t precede the surge. The holiday rush is not a bad thing for business, of course, but don’t let it become a stumbling block to maintaining a fast-flowing fulfillment process. Proactively think through special holiday needs and implement steps to create a smoother product labeling process that helps you meet demand – and still enjoy the holiday, too.

Do you have seasonal products? Or is volume extra high in the last quarter of the calendar year? As an entrepreneur, flexibility is the mantra. Most of our entrepreneurial clients use full-color inkjet label printers such as Primera, Afina, and Epson so they can enjoy printing on demand. These types of printers allow you to quickly add a short message to existing product labels you have previously printed in-house to enhance seasonal offerings. Perhaps a promo code added to your current label is appropriate? And if you sell a product that is strictly seasonal, it is extremely easy to switch between printing normal product labels and seasonal labels with inkjet roll labels. Print 10 of one label design and switch to printing 50 of another. It’s as effortless as it sounds.

How can you work ahead? Take the stress out of the unavoidable need to accept product returns while handling a large holiday volume of new orders by pre-printing return labels and dropping them into every package shipped. Whether you use our sheeted labels on your laser or inkjet printer or have a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer in use, stock up and pre-print them to speed the fulfillment process.

It’s post-Labor Day! Is it too late to purchase and set up label printing equipment in a short time frame? The beauty of inkjet roll labeling equipment is its status as an on-demand printing system that is ready when you are. No need to worry about forecasting sales, stocking huge product inventories, or buying large quantities of labels. Inkjet roll labels come in a variety of label sizes, so mixing and matching labels in smaller quantities is easy. Ordering time and setup are about a week when using Blanco.

Where do I find the equipment and supplies I need for my small company? The best vendor always includes good product support. Blanco makes its own labels that fit in several vendors’ inkjet roll printers. As a manufacturer, we can offer our labels at a lower price point that reflects our direct sales advantage. In addition, Blanco sells major inkjet labeling equipment such as Primera and as well as ink cartridges. Customers tell us being able to buy everything from a single vendor – and get our free phone support to help them solve any printing questions they have along the way – is what helps them rest easy.