BOPP High Gloss Labels for LX1000 and LX2000 Printers

Blanco's white BOPP high gloss labels are designed for use in water-based, dye or pigment-based inkjet printers, and provides an instant dry surface which captures brilliant colors and high resolution images, text, lines and barcodes. This Polypropylene film is constructed with a clear, general purpose acrylic adhesive designed for low surface energy substrates, enabling lasting performance on rigid and squeezable containers. This adhesive has excellent wet-out characteristics and water-whitening resistance. The material, when paired with pigment ink, is an excellent choice for beverage bottle or can labels, shampoos, lotions, toiletry products, liquids or anything that may come into contact with water or damp environments. This is also an excellent material for anyone looking for a durable label material. NOTE: Guaranteed to be defect free, samples available upon request. Call (888) 325-2626. Test thoroughly before purchasing, if unsure. Product is Not Returnable.

For use in Primera® LX900, LX910, LX1000 and LX2000 printers. Works best with pigment inks.

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