Coffee Roastery Relies on In-house Label Printing System

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Coffee Roastery Relies on In-house Label Printing System
When Mattie Barnes decided to begin printing her own product labels for the roasted coffee products produced by Mattie’s Mountain Mud, she purchased a Primera LX900 label printer. The printer was an affordable and effective solution for her small production needs, but then a little trouble struck. She had a difficult time locating labels and ink to work in the product. She endured backordered products and damaged shipments from various vendors. Then, in a stroke of luck, she found Blanco online and realized the company manufactured its own labels to fit Primera printers. The label cost was lower than what she had been paying. Blanco responded immediately by fulfilling her order for compatible labels and ink, and she was off and printing in-house product labels quickly. And when she has a question about her Primera printer and its functionality, she can ask Blanco’s staff over the phone and receive an immediate answer to solve any hardware issues. Today, she prints both her full-color product labels as well as her black-and-white ingredient labels on a daily basis. When she runs low on ink or labels, she sends an order request to Blanco and usually receives supplies within 24 hours. Mattie says she never looks back to the old days of using hand-cut sheeted labels. Mattie particularly counts on Blanco in the fourth quarter of every year, when holiday orders account for 50% of her annual online revenues. Blanco keeps Mattie’s Mountain Mud running smoothly so the company can maintain its 48-hour order fulfillment cycle. “I’m a small fry in my industry, so Blanco’s close attention to my company’s needs speaks volumes,” Mattie says. “Blanco’s service is excellent.”
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