Customer Spotlight: Mattie's Mountain Mud

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Customer Spotlight: Mattie's Mountain Mud
mountainmud_1In the wild's of Virginia there is a farm. It is a good farm, surrounded in native forest. There are cows and pigs...honeybees and chickens...coyotes and blue herons...and a coffee roastery. Mattie's Mountain Mud artisan roasts, fresh crop, sustainable coffees for folks all across the United States, from coffeehouses and bakeries to Ms. Ema in Iowa. High quality, seasonally fresh, co-operative and small farmed coffees arrive at the roastery weekly and are roasted to order with great care and expertise. Mattie roasts every half pound with over 25 years of experience and with a cheerful heart just for you. There are so many folks that make this possible. The farmers in distant lands that produce an excellent product, the logistics team that freight these precious crops to the roastery, all of the individuals that purchase Mattie's artistry, and label experts. For the first time in twenty years,I am proud of my product labels. They truly represent the heart of my business and are of such high quality that it sets my mind at ease. Life's Wild...Hang Onto Your Mug, and team up with a great label supplier like Blanco. Cheers, Mattie
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