Customer Spotlight: TruColor

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Customer Spotlight: TruColor
trucolor-1 Making edible creations pop with brilliant colors found in nature without affecting their nutritional makeup is a passion for TruColor. TruColor provides a healthy alternative to food colorings that use synthetic ingredients with artificial preservatives. Its natural colors are free of FD&C dyes, artificial preservatives and “Big 8” allergens, which include milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shell fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy. TruColor products are Gluten Free and do not include Genetically Modified Organisms. TruColor reaches shelves with assistance from Blanco Labels, a leading adhesive label supplier who helps you print your labels when you need them, instead of carrying inventories or waiting for production schedules. One of Blanco Labels’ most popular offerings is Primera brand printer equipment, including Primera compatible semi-gloss, high-gloss and matte finish labels, as well as ink cartridges for all the Primera printers. Helping TruColor reach new customers seeking to embolden their edible creations without artificial ingredients is exciting, BLANCO’s President Kurt Webber said. trucolor-2 “Our labels help them distinguish themselves from competitors in a tight marketplace,” Webber said. “We have good customer service and we ship them exactly what they need in a timely manner.” “Our products are reliable and they do what they are supposed to do, whether they are applying them to their product or purchasing shipping labels,” Webber said. “Customers use our labels for the price, selection, quality and customer service. Our experts specialize in helping determine what label would best fit their application.” TruColor currently orders BLANCO’s 3" Circle High Gloss Labels for Primera LX 800, LX810 and LX900 printers (Item Number BL-PR-74828). When asked why they chose BLANCO for their labels, William (Bill) Donaldson, General Manager, had the following statement: “There are a lot of choices out there, we choose Blanco because their customer service is excellent, they really care about your projects and work with you to get the right material the first time. They offer the highest quality labels that enable us to print in brilliant hues and shades to represent our brilliant state of the art natural color products and at a very reasonable cost!” Click here to visit BLANCO’s PRIMERA category. Click here to visit TruColor’s website.
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